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We offer a wide range of services to help care for your pets. Our clinic is equipped to handle everything from regular health checkups to emergency services including surgeries.

Wellness Exam and Vaccinations

1An annual physical exam by our veterinarian is essential for the long-term well being of your pets. Early detection of health problems allows us to prevent many diseases or treat diseases in the early stages before they become life threatening.
A complete physical examination is done routinely and involves assessment of all body systems. Please refer to the wellness packages tab for more information regarding vaccinations.

Intestinal parasite screening is performed to diagnose intestinal parasites “worms” and the canine occult heart worm tests are run yearly.

Heart worm prevention


It is very important that both your dog and cat remain on heart worm prevention all year long.

Prior to starting your dog on heart worm prevention, they must have a heart worm test. We are pleased to offer a selection of heart worm prevention to best suit your pets needs. Oral tablets and chews, topical applications, and ProHeart 6 injectable are available.


Is your furry family member microchiped??

We offer microchip identification through AKC Reunite. A microchip (no bigger than a grain of rice) is placed under the skin which will permanently identify your pet. The chip contains your pet's identification number which may be read with a hand held scanner. Animal shelters and veterinarians have these scanners on hand to help pets find their way back home.

Surgical Procedures1

One of the most important decisions you can make for your pet is to SPAY or NEUTER your cat or dog. Please speak to one of our technicians to learn more about the benefits of this surgery.

Feline declaw, tumor removal, hernias, enucleation, tail docking and dewclaw removal, bladder stones, pyometra and laceration repair are some of the surgeries performed.


Dental Care is important to the health of your pet. Healthy teeth and gums are very critical to your pets overall well being. We offer professional dental cleaning along with client education on preventative care for your pets. Dental disease if left untreated is associated with bacterial infection that may spread to the internal organs. Dental cleaning and extractions are performed under general anesthesia. A routine dental cleaning includes scaling with an ultrasonic device, polishing and a fluoride treatment.

The sooner you schedule yours pets dental, the easier it is on them and reduces the possibility of future extractions.

Hospitalization and Isolation


When a diagnosis is made and a patient is requiring hospitalization,we are happy to offer that service. One of our veterinary technicians will be on call every weekend so that even after hours you can be sure your pet is receiving the very best medical care. We also have an isolation room set up so that if the diagnosis is contagious, all precautions are taken to prevent spread between patients. A deposit will be required when a patient needs to be hospitalized. A treatment plan with an estimate will be discussed with the client before admittance. The final balance is due when the patient is discharge.


For the immediate needs of our patients and our clients convenience we supply prescriptions from our fully stocked in house pharmacy. 1
**Please note: in order to dispense prescription medications, including heart worm prevention and prescription flea treatments, we MUST have an existing doctor/patient relationship, defined as having performed an exam on a pet within the past 12 months.*

Nutrition Education

1A proper diet is important to your pet's health. Certain medical conditions can be maintained or improved with the appropriate prescription diet. We carry Hills®Prescription Diet food and treats for both dogs and cats.


We are please to offer boarding services for both established and new pets. We request that clients call to reserve boarding space ahead of time especially during holidays.

Dogs and cats are required to have current vaccinations prior to boarding.
1Our boarding facility is climate controlled that accommodates both cats and dogs. Dogs are walked 3 times daily for bathroom breaks and exercise. Fresh litter boxes for our feline friends. We are happy to administer medications per your instructions.


We are happy to provide routine and medicated baths with shampoo that is best for your pets coat and skin. Nail trims, expressing anal glands, ear cleaning, full shave down and special breed cuts are services we provide.

Please call to schedule a grooming appointment.


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